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Futures Planning Skills Categories

Environmental Scanning (9)
The purpose of environmental scanning is to serve as an early warning system to potentially significant external developments in their early stages. The earlier the warning, the more lead time we have to plan for the implications of these changes.
Scenarios (7)
When combined with environmental scanning and monitoring, scenarios help us to develop a long-term perspective and to recognize possible alternative futures for which we can plan a range of routes and action that may be required over time.

Futures Planning Skills Links

  • Anticipating the Future - a course - A course in developing skills in how to anticipate the future. Included are a "short course", tutorials, techniques, examples, and references.
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  • Creating Preferred Futures - CPF combines the elements of traditional futures education, such as trend analysis, expert interviews, and scenario writing, with the methodologies of multi-classroom Internet-based instruction and collaboration. This is the only program of its kind specifically geared for middle and high school students.
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  • Futures Research Overview - Futures Research is concerned with the forces of change that will shape our individual and common futures. It represents no scientific domain - Futures Research stresses the need to involve everybody in the process of building their common future. Another good site for an overview of what it means to study the future.
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  • How To Be A Health Futurist In Ten Easy Lessons - Want to be a health futurist? Follow these ten guidelines, and you will have a leg up on most of the people out there who write about the future of health care in this country.
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  • Introduction to Futures Studies - Within the Futures field, there have always been a wide range of views and perspectives from people who have come from a very wide range of different disciplines and backgrounds and interests. Futurists run a whole gamut of views between the following two poles, and everything inbetween. This site is a good introduction to the field of futures studies.
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  • The Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies Vision Statement - One of the oldest and best-known futures-oriented academic research institutes in the world. The HRCFS, through research and consultation, enables individuals, communities, government agencies, and business organizations to examine possible and preferred futures. The HRCFS assists in the development of visions, foresight, and strategic plans. It helps groups develop their own abilities to identify future trends and emerging issues, and to understand their potential impacts.
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  • Using the Futures Wheel - What Would Happen If? Scientific events may instigate a cascade of consequences or effects on science, technology and society. Identifying the effects of significant scientific occurrences may cause students to think through the concepts underlying the science topic. The answer to the common question " What would happen if _________?" will spur students into thinking about consequential events and the impact of science on our everyday lives.
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  • World Futures Studies Federation - An organization of some 500 individuals and 60 institutions around the world whose mission is to promote futures education and research. The WFSF is a global network of practicing futurists -- researchers, teachers, scholars, policy analysts, activists and others from over 80 countries -- established in 1967. This website is a good portal into futures thinking from around the world.
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