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  • "Windy" Things to Make - The site provides links to simple wind catching classroom projects such as making a pinwheel, anemometer, wind direction indicator, and wind vane. The material is suitable for the primary level.  pop 
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  • Amazing Solar Power, Windmill, and Renewable Energy Videos - The PicoTurbine site offers videos on wind energy such as, "Hugh Piggott's Windmill Workshop" that demonstrates techniques for building electricity producing windmills out of scrap parts and "Residential MicrohydroPower with Don Harris." The videos are appropriate for vocational students.  pop 
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  • Canada's Wind Energy Agenda - The site provides quick facts on Canada's wind energy potential. It is suitable for all school levels.  pop 
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  • Renewable Energy Windmill Kits - The PicoTurbine site describes two educational kits: a windmill kit that teaches wind energy concepts to grade 5 students to adults and a PicoTurbine DC Experiments Kit that teaches electrical energy concepts to grade 9 students to adults.  pop 
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  • Alternative and Renewable Energy, Windmill and Solar Book List - The PicoTurbine site lists books related to wind energy such as, "Windpower: Teacher's Guide to Renewable Energy Projects" and "Windpower Pupil's Guide". The books are appropriate for grades 8 through high school levels. More books on other renewable energy topics too.
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  • Classroom Connection for Energy-related Classes - Free for Teachers - This is a one-stop "shop" For Teachers, there are: Curriculum Guides and Activities for Teachers; Science Fair Projects; Energy Education Guidelines;and more. For Students: Energy Infobooks for the primary, elementary, intermediate, and secondary levels; Science Fair Projects and Experiments on Energy and more. A rich assortment of classroom activities, explorations, experiments, and research broken down by grades K-3, 4-7, 6-9, 9-12.
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  • Creating Preferred Futures - CPF combines the elements of traditional futures education, such as trend analysis, expert interviews, and scenario writing, with the methodologies of multi-classroom Internet-based instruction and collaboration. This is the only program of its kind specifically geared for middle and high school students.
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  • Design an Energy Efficient Car - This is a guide book for teachers and students in PDF format. You can use it as is or as part of a field trip visit to your local science center, library or hands on museum. The projects and questions are aimed at middle school students.
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  • Education Programs: Pre-Service Teacher Training Program - Targets a diverse group of pre-service teachers preparing to teach K-12 science, mathematics, or technology and provides opportunities for them to do research in a laboratory setting. The program at each participating national laboratory includes a cadre of pre-service teachers who engage in a clearly defined 10-week research project under the mentorship of a laboratory scientist or engineer. A Master Teacher is available on site to assist interns.
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  • Education Programs: Teacher Research Associates - Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development (LSTPD) Program (formerly known as TRAC) is a summer research program at the National Renewable Energy Lab for science, math, or technology teachers. Participants conduct supervised, state-of-the-art renewable energy research and participate in teacher professional development as a paid summer research associate.
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