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  • American Hydrogen Association - The goal of AHA is to stimulate interest and help establish the renewable hydrogen energy economy by the year 2010. To achieve this goal, the American Hydrogen Association is working in cooperation with organizations such as the IAHE, NHA, NASA, environmental groups and industry, community, and schools to promote understanding of hydrogen technology, and help create a marketplace for pollution-free hydrogen energy.
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  • Automakers race to put fuel-cell cars up for sale - October 9, 2003 -- Ford Motor Co. displayed a prototype of a -fuel-cell car in Denver on Wednesday - a pointer to the race among carmakers in Detroit and Japan to commercially launch the zero-emission cars as soon as possible. The automaker has teamed up with London-based BP PLC to develop refueling stations for the hydrogen-powered cars, and it hopes to sell them through dealers by 2010.
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  • California Fuel Cell Partnership - This partnership is advancing a new vehicle technology that could move the world toward practical and affordable environmental solutions. For the first time ever, automobile companies and fuel suppliers have joined together to demonstrate fuel cell vehicles under real day-to-day driving conditions. In addition to testing the fuel cell vehicles, the partnership is examining fuel infrastructure issues and beginning to prepare the California market for this new technology.
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  • Canadian Hydrogen Association - A nonprofit membership association composed of universities, research organizations, industry and small business. Our objective is to promote the use and development of hydrogen energy, hydrogen energy systems and technologies and to develop the role of hydrogen energy for the purpose of improving the environment.
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  • Careers In the Fuel Cell Industry. - You may be wondering how to begin a career in the fuel cell industry. There are several different paths, depending on what you like to do. As you read the descriptions, remember that there is some crossover of abilities of the different fields. These crossovers depend on the specialization of the education system as well as the specialization within a given profession. Read more...
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  • Cross Creek Initiative - A non-profit organization based in Gainesville, Florida with an office near Washington, DC. Mission: To champion the worldwide shift to maximum efficiency and planet-friendly energy.
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  • Developers of Fuel Cells - Fuel Cell Information Center - The U.S. Fuel Cell Industry -- Click on the state to get a listing of fuel cell related companies, organizations, government agencies, and universities located within. For more detailed information about the worldwide fuel cell industry, Fuel Cells 2000 offers the Fuel Cell Directory, a directory of nearly 1000 fuel cell related companies and organizations.
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  • Fuel Cell Boat - The world’s first electric fuel cell water taxi, powered by Millennium Cell’s Hydrogen on Demand™ hydrogen fuel system, demonstrates the utility of hydrogen fuel in generating power for ships and facilities in ports. It is a cooperative effort between Millennium Cell, Seaworthy Systems, Duffy Electric Boat and Anuvu, Inc.
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  • Fuel Cell Career Center - Fuel Cells 2000 's Career and Education Center. Fuel Cells 2000 has created an online resource center for individuals interested in pursuing a professional career in the fuel cell industry. The Fuel Cell Career Center provides information along three separate areas of activity: Education, Employment Opportunities, and Professional Development
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  • Fuel Cell Today - Global internet portal which aims to accelerate the commercialisation of fuel cells - the clean and efficient technology for generating electricity which is poised to become the leading energy source of the 21st century. Fuel Cell Today is without bias towards any single organisation, fuel cell technology or application. It serves everyone who is or wants to be part of this dynamic new industry.
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