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  • A Landowner's Informal Guide to Negotiating for a Wind Farm - Commercial scale wind developments, or wind farms, have been around since the early 1980s. Montana has extensive wind resources. Wind developers are looking for suitable sites around the state. If you�re interested in offering your property as a site for a wind farm, you need to think about how you�ll make money from the project. If you�re serious, after reading this, hire a professional to help you negotiate with wind developers.  pop 
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  • Utility Wind Interest Group - The Utility Wind Interest Group (UWIG) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to accelerate the appropriate integration of wind power into the electric system through the coordinated efforts and actions of its members, in collaboration with wind industry stakeholders, including federal agencies, trade associations, and industry research organizations. Membership is open to utilities and other entities that have an interest in wind generation.  pop 
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  • 10 Steps in Building a Wind Farm - This two-page guide gives a good thumbnail summary of what it takes to build a wind farm. This is a good start point if you are thinking about this type of project.
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  • American Wind Energy Association - Since 1974 the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)has advocated the development of wind energy as a reliable, environmentally superior energy alternative in the United States and around the world. WIND ENERGY, a clean and renewable source of electric power, is also the world's fastest growing energy source!
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  • Canadian National Historic Windmill Centre - You don't have to be Dutch to enjoy a collection of working windmills that pumped water or ground grain. Includes a collection of antique windmills, as well as reproductions of a general store, school house, hotel, blacksmith shop, barber shop and pioneer home dating back to the 1920s, plus the Canadian National Historic Wind Power Interpretive Centre. Click here to find out more.
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  • Certification and Standards for Wind Turbines - Certification and Standards - Certification Process, Design Guidelines and Checklists. This webpage describes the National Wind Technology Center's Certification process and provides guidelines and checklists to help users prepare for certification.
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  • Facts about Wind Energy and Noise - This short paper answers frequently asked questions about "noise" related to wind turbines and wind turbine farms.
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  • Farmer Owned Wind Projects - Two Case Studies - Minwind I & II: Innovative farmer-owned wind projects - Two years ago, a group of farmers in Luverne, Minnesota began to hatch a plan to build farmer-owned wind turbines in Rock County. Their goal was to find an investment that would generate new income for farmers and have economic benefits for the local community. This is their story.
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  • Jacobs Wind Generator Systems - Marcellus and Joseph Jacobs were to the small wind turbine world what the Wright Brothers were to airplanes. From their ranch in Wolf Point Montana, the brothers developed the first commercially viable small wind energy generating system to produce electricity from wind. Take a look here for more.
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  • Montana State U-Bozeman Wind Energy Program - The MSU-Bozeman Wind Energy Program is developing design, testing and manufacturing processes for improved composite wind turbine blades.
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