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  • Enterprise Facilitation - Sirolli Institute - Founded in 1996, the Sirolli Institute is a global education and training organization of experienced professionals with the mission of introducing Enterprise Facilitation to communities seeking to grow their economies from within. When invited, we help you establish a community-based organization that works in concert with existing economic development efforts to assist entrepreneurs.
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  • Entrepreneurship in Rural America - Existing development policies and programs can be evolved to better support rural entrepreneurship by better supporting rural entrepreneurs.
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  • Genesis of Innovation - Genesis of Innovation for South Dakota is a partnership between private enterprise and public universities within the state, helping entrepreneurs with business development, startup capital, and other assistance.
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  • John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center - University of Northern Iowa resource center coordinating existing University resources and those of the Center with those of its individual, business, and government partners to promote and develop entrepreneurship throughout Iowa. The primary mission of the UNI JPEC is to foster the development of entrepreneurship throughout Iowa by providing or facilitating support for a variety of direct educational, consultative, and other services.
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  • MicroAid - MicroAid is a social enterprise that starts Community Enterprise Networks for poor families. MicroAid's goal is to empower poor families and their micro- enterprises through direct links to their community based organisation, local government, international development agencies and the private sector.
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  • New American Communities - This website represents an experiment in progress and the seed of an idea that is gaining national consensus -- that communities, rather than projects, serve as the foundation for strengthening and sustaining entrepreneurial development in rural America.
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