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  • Banff Mountain Grants Program - Individuals or organizations may apply for grants of up to $5000 (Canadian dollars) to fund projects that creatively interpret the environment, natural history, human heritage, arts, philosophy, lifestyle, and adventure, in and of the mountains. Projects must include a communications component (such as film, literature, photography) that brings the project before a public audience.
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  • Enchanted Highway - Regent, North Dakota - As the organizers of these works of art are not ashamed to admit, the main purpose behind the Enchanted Highway is to promote tourism to the area. Gary Greff is a metallurgist from Regent, and as the driving force behind the creation of this series of sculptures he hopes that increased tourism will bring people and their money to help save the impoverished town of Regent and the surrounding communities.
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  • Montana Manufacturing Information System (MMIS) Home Page - The MMIS has an excellent database of information on manufacturing going on in Montana anywhere: alphabetical list of manufacturers, by product, by city, by type; partners, (university, state, federal) and other information.
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  • North-central Montana is focus of tourism effort - Cultural tourism focuses on attractions unique to an area. It features businesses with a cultural twist, like artists' studios, shops and galleries with an emphasis on local crafts; events like craft fairs or cultural activities like powwows, rodeos and cowboy poetry readings; and lodging with a local feel like bed and breakfasts, farms and ranches, hunting and fishing camps and historic hotels.
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  • The Montana District Export Council - The Montana District Export Council (MDEC), founded in 1994, is headquartered in Missoula, Montana, on the grounds of the University of Montana. It is an organization of volunteer leaders from state-wide business communities, education institutions and government organizations. The combined knowledge of the council members in international business provides a source of professional advice on exporting to local firms and individuals.
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  • The Restoration Economy - In the next decade, restorative development will account for over half of development-related spending in the US and Europe...restoration of ecosystems, watersheds, fisheries, farms, natural and man-made disasters, brownfields, infrastructure, and historic sites "...most economic development will be based on redeveloping where we’ve already built, restoring what we should never have destroyed, revitalizing what we’ve exhausted, and cleaning what we’ve contaminated."
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