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  • Photo Essay: Corn Harvest - Fields of corn and the wonderful fall time harvest.
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  • Photo Essay: Harvest Time on the Plains - An excellent photo essay showing the beauty of wheat fields at harvest time, harvesting and why rural people love their rural way of life.
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  • Regent, North Dakota - The Enchanted Highway - "The Enchanted Highway" extends 32 miles from Exit 72 on Interstate 94 south to the town of Regent, North Dakota. The Enchanted Highway is a series of what are billed as the world's tallest metal sculptures. The subject matter of these sculptures is taken from rural North Dakota life, and includes grasshoppers, geese.
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  • Scenic Drives in North America - This website showcases photos of scenic drives taken by regular folks in celebration of rural places across North America... old barns, covered bridges, panoramas .. indexed by states, provinces, etc.... with comments by the photographers and people who visit the site to enjoy the photos.
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  • Selling the dairy cows - I had been watching the dairy today out my west windows, seeing the pens full of milk cows for the very last afternoon. In spite of the fact that I'm sick and it's snowing, I eventually put on my boots and jacket and went up there. The snow was getting heavier and huge thick flakes began sticking to the backs of the black and white cows lined up at the feed bunk. The cows were content, unconcerned and eating...
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  • Sex Lives of Laying Hens - I came to farming late in life. I did not have the advantage of growing up with livestock; barnyards were places I visited briefly. I never even asked the questions about animal reproduction that a farm child of my own age could have answered. Now, as my fifth decade gets well established, I have had my very first opportunity to live in intimacy with animals of another species.
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  • The Road I Grew Up On: Collection summary - Independent photographer, video producer, and regional historian. Helen D. Gunderson, born in Black Hawk County, Iowa, and reared in Pocahontas County, Iowa. The collection consists of materials from Gunderson's "The Road I Grew Up On" project documenting change in rural Iowa. The project was based primarily on events in Roosevelt and Garfield Townships, Pocahontas County, though it includes material gathered across the state of Iowa.
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