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  • About Association of Women in Agriculture - A professional, social, and service organization founded at the U of Wisconsin-Madison, for women with sincere interests in pursuing a career in agriculture or agriculture-related fields. Its purpose is to help its member's to prepare for a career in agriculture and agriculture related fields; to aid women in agriculture in achieving their goals, and for the general betterment of agriculture.
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  • California Women for Agriculture - CWA members inform themselves of issues and information through local and statewide meetings, mailing and newsletters. Members then share the perspectives of the farming community with the media, teachers and students, elected officials, regulators, opinion leaders, community members and others. CWA's primary areas of focus include: Legislation, Education and Public Relations.
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  • Montgomery Market Farm Woman's COOP - The market's beginning was in the depression days of the thirties. A group of farm women, plagued by declining prices, drought, threat of foreclosure, and equipment and repair necessities launched a market to sell farm produce to residents of the District of Columbia and its growing suburbs.
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  • Oregon Women for Agriculture - Oregon Women for Agriculture is an organization formed in 1969 by farm women in the Willamette Valley concerned about the shutdown of grass seed field burning. Since that time, this all volunteer group has broadened to include all facets of agriculture.
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  • Rural Women's Product Development - Through the Rural Women's Product Development and Marketing Venture, RDLN will help develop and market a line of rural women's products, especially crafts and items made from locally grown food. In many rural communities, few jobs are available, except perhaps farm labor or entry level part-time jobs in the fast food industry. This project focusses on areas that are historically oppressed.
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