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  • About the Center for the Study of Rural America - With so many dramatic changes facing rural America in the 21st Century, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City decided to create a resource for this important part of our nation's economy. The Center will focus on the economic and policy issues that are unique to rural America %u2013 and give these issues the national attention they deserve.  pop 
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  • Best Practices in Rural Development - This document includes a research paper prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture entitled "Understanding Rural America"; descriptions of the twelve best practices in rural economic and housing development from across the country and a directory of professionals in rural development, both compiled by the Office of Thrift Supervision.  pop 
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  • Sohodojo: Home of the nanocorp and Small Is Good Business Revolution - Sohodojo is an independent, applied research and development laboratory supporting entrepreneurial free agents (nanocorps) and dejobbed small businesses � the building blocks of Small is Good Business Webs. Sohodojo is especially focused on innovations in rural economic development based on new business models made possible by creatively using Internet technologies.  pop 
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  • 'Aid programs may spawn new tech hubs' at - This Tech News article from explains the expanding role of venture capital in rural economic development.
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  • action committee on the rural economy - Rural Saskatchewan - proud communities that welcome and embrace change. Working together as responsible stewards of the environment, we have healthy and diverse rural communities where people of all ages choose to live and work. A network of successful farms, communities and business enterprises is the foundation of our strong rural economy. We offer a competitive business environment that ensures our continued prosperity.
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  • Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration - Works for cooperative and sustainable self-reliance within disadvantaged societies, by providing information and analysis of socioeconomic and technological trends and alternatives. Excellent source of recent publications on such topics as bioengeneering, patents on seeds, farmers rights, genotypes, biodiversity and many others.
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  • Agriculture Diversification Ventures - Rural people across Alberta are investigating, researching and creating many new and exciting ventures. Successful entrepreneurs know the difference between an idea and an opportunity. They plan, research, and focus, identifying risks and challenges before they start. Here is an inventory of resources and contact people in a variety of agriculture ventures including agri-tourism, alternative livestock, and special crops as well as in the business planning process.
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  • Appalachian Center for Economic Networks - The Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) is a community economic development organization located in rural southeastern Ohio. The mission of ACEnet is to build the capacity of local communities to network, innovate, and work together to create a strong, sustainable regional economy.
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  • Applied Rural Telecom Resource Guide - Welcome to AeRie's Applied Rural Telecom Resource Guide. The Guide provides rural communites throughout the United States and the world a toolkit of resources to help them meet their economic and community development goals using telecommunications. The Guide offers a directory of economic development resources, an overview of basic telecommunications concepts, a schedule of upcoming conferences and events, and background information on rural infrastructure
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  • ApproTEC: Appropriate Technology - ApproTEC is a non-profit organization that develops and markets new technologies in Africa. These low-cost technologies are bought by local entrepreneurs, and used to establish highly profitable new small businesses.
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