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When I was teaching in the '60s and '70s, finding exciting materials to spark students was a full time challenge. Curriculum and education materials were either self-generated, shared among teachers in a school or district, borrowed from regional/state sources, or purchased. A good teacher spent endless hours outside the classroom, designing and developing lessons, projects, experiments and learning modules that would challenge each and every student in his/her class. Today there is a flood of educational resources available through the Internet. For example, PBS TeacherSource alone offers over 4,500 free lesson plans, activities and professional development tools for PreK-12 educators, in everything from arts and literature to math, science, social studies and more. This is an exceptional resource for teachers. NARFI's growing resource for educators is the Educational Resources section of the NARFI Rural Futures Directory. I invite everyone who visits NARFI's education resource list to submit other resources for listing in the rural futures directory.