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  • Originals by Ella Gardner - Farm Woman's Life, an Artist's Eye - Her eyes have squinted into the setting sun to stay on a row of hay and they've seen more calves born than she cares to count. Her hands have canned pickles, carried feed pails and piled wood. But Ella Gardner also has an artist's eye and a painter's hands--and a deep need to capture on canvas what she sees.  pop 
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  • Big Country of South Eastern Oregon - photo essay - The Big Country Panorama of Southeastern Oregon by Herman Krieger. Krieger of Eugene, Oregon (USA) is a photographer with a great sense of humor, and an eye for the unexpected. Herman has a talent for finding interesting juxtapositions of subjects.
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  • Canada Photo Gallery: Rural Life - These spectacular professional photos highlight the beauty of this region. To start your photo tour, click on the title of any image - you can then step between all of the images in the photo gallery.
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  • Country Life - Hi, Come on in. I just finished baking & have a fresh pot of coffee. We can relax awhile & just let the world go by... This story is light-hearted; but has things I learned living a "Simple Lifestyle" that later on saved my life. Without finding out what was really important to me in life, and how to enjoy the simple things in life, I would not have survived!
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  • Covered Bridges in Ohio photos - Covered Bridges, by Ludo Wuytack. Along the scenic state route 26 from Marietta to Woodsfield, which parallels the Little Muskingum River, there are a few historic covered bridges to be found. The bridges were covered to help preserve the large flooring timbers. To replace those floorings would be more expensive than the lumber they used to cover the bridge side and roof. They were usually named for the resident who lived closest to the bridge.
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  • Greenland 12-year-old knows her hay - GREENLAND - Twelve-year-old Heather Weeks explains the hay-making process so well that she received the only exhibit award given at the Stratham Fair by the state commissioner of agriculture. From the time she was 3 weeks old and rode on her family's tractor to this spring when she drove their tedder herself, Heather has participated in one part of the process or another and has decided more people should know how it works.
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  • Hamlets of Lane County, Oregon - Photo Essays by Herman Krieger celebrate rural life in Lane County Oregon. At the center of Western Oregon, Lane County stretches from the Oregon Coast, through the Willamette Valley, to the McKenzie River and Cascade Mountain regions.
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  • Mobile Veterinarian - Herman Krieger photo essay shows some interesting and humorous aspects of being a vet in small town and rural places.
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  • No Cows to Worry About Any More - I am not fretting about cows in the maternity barn. I don't have to think about them night and day, whether there is a first calf heifer that is going to need assistance, whether the old cow will get milk fever and not be able to get up after calving and will need tending within a few minutes.
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  • Old barns in Kansas - photos - Old barns in Kansas - wonderful photos by Jeff Gauthier on the World Is Round website. Includes personal comments by others in celebration of old barns.
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