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Our Collaborative Network

NARFI is accelerating its growth and development through a web of collaborations with strategic partners. These collaborative relations are expressed through our project participations and through advisory team relations described below.

Montana State University - Northern

Campus view of Montana State University Northern (photo copyright MSU-N)Montana State University-Northern (MSU-N) is the most rurally located four-year university in the lower 48 United States. This makes MSU-N an ideal sponsoring host of the North American Rural Futures Institute.

The faculty of MSU-N's College of Education, College of Technology, and College of Arts and Sciences will create teams to develop an interdisciplinary 21st Century context in which to consider the challenges and opportunities of rural life.


Visit Sohodojo and the Center for Open Source Collaboration TechnologiesSohodojo is a 501(C)(3) non-profit applied R&D lab with an education and research agenda dedicated to the exploration and development of innovative "Small Is Good" business models and their associated software technologies supporting solo and family-based entrepreneurs in rural and distressed urban communities seeking sustainable futures.

Sohodojo enjoys a unique partnership in Havre, Montana, working with the North American Rural Futures Institute at Montana State University Northern. Together, Sohodojo and NARFI are developing education programs to support rural economic and community development with a futures-oriented perspective.

Communities of the Future

Visit the Center for Communities of the Future web site...

Rick Smyre's Communities of the Future is an evolving network of people and organizations throughout the U.S. and other countries that are working in collaboration to develop new concepts of governance, economic development, and education/learning for a fast-paced, interconnected, and increasingly complex society.

One of the foundations of Rick Smyre's work is helping local communities build capacities for transformation. This collaboration with Rick is expressed through NARFI's participation in COTF's Global Rural Network Project.

Knowledge Democracy Center

Visit the Knowledge Democracy Center web site...The Knowledge Democracy Center is focused on providing a source for unbiased and objective information on technology and related issues for local governments. Dr. Andrew Cohill is providing leadership for this effort.

The Knowledge Democracy Center has three broad areas of interest: communities and governance, technology, and decision-making and leadership.

Our Sponsor/Partner Program

The North American Rural Futures Institute wants to connect with others interested in the future of rural life. If you or your organization are active in this area of interest, we'd like to know about you. We're always open to ideas about how we might collaborate with other like-minded people. Drop us a note to

If you or your organization would like to sponsor the activities of NARFI, drop us a note to

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