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Futures Planning Skills : Scenarios

  • European Environment Agency - Portal for Environmental Scenarios - An Information Portal for Environmental Scenarios Aims of this portal: to facilitate access to information on outlooks and scenarios from an environmental perspective to support the development, analysis and understanding of environmental scenarios to provide a meeting point for those interested in environmental scenarios  pop 
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  • Rural Futures

  • Congressional Rural Caucus, US House of Representatives - The Congressional Rural Caucus (CRC) is a bipartisan coalition of Members of Congress who are committed to helping agricultural and rural America build stronger, more prosperous futures for current and future generations of Americans living on the family farms and ranches and in rural communities.  pop 
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  • ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas is the national sustainable farming information center operated by the private nonprofit National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA provides technical assistance to farmers, Extension agents, market gardeners, agricultural researchers, and other ag professionals in all 50 states.  pop 
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  • Center for Agricultural and Rural Development - An early innovator of complex statistical and mathematical policy modeling systems, our mission now extends to multidisciplinary programs addressing contemporary policy issues. Operating within a land-grant institution, CARD embraces issue-driven research, outreach, and graduate teaching. CARD programs embody academic excellence and communication with policymakers, opinion leaders, farmers, business people, and agricultural commodity organization leaders.  pop 
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  • Center for Rural Studies - The Center for Rural Studies (CRS) is a nonprofit, fee-for-service research organization which addresses social, economic, and resource-based problems of rural people and communities. Based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Vermont (UVM), the Center provides consulting and research services in Vermont, the United States, and abroad.  pop 
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  • California Institute for Rural Studies - One of CIRS's major strengths is that it is the only "think tank" in the West with significant capacity in the area of rural community studies. Most of the rural research produced by CIRS in the past several years has been for organizational clients who enter into contracts for specific topics.  pop 
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  • Montana Climate Center - Gateway to a vast array of information, including weather alerts, current satellite snapshots of Montana skies and instant links to weather conditions in communities across the state. Includes links to Montana DoT Web cameras that give up-to-date images of mountain-pass roads. Also links to Web pages like the National Weather Service, U.S. Geologic Survey, Montana Dept of Agriculture and Montana Natural Resource Information System.  pop 
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  • Rural Futures : Economic Development

  • Best Practices in Rural Development - This document includes a research paper prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture entitled "Understanding Rural America"; descriptions of the twelve best practices in rural economic and housing development from across the country and a directory of professionals in rural development, both compiled by the Office of Thrift Supervision.  pop 
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  • About the Center for the Study of Rural America - With so many dramatic changes facing rural America in the 21st Century, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City decided to create a resource for this important part of our nation's economy. The Center will focus on the economic and policy issues that are unique to rural America %u2013 and give these issues the national attention they deserve.  pop 
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  • Sohodojo: Home of the nanocorp and Small Is Good Business Revolution - Sohodojo is an independent, applied research and development laboratory supporting entrepreneurial free agents (nanocorps) and dejobbed small businesses — the building blocks of Small is Good Business Webs. Sohodojo is especially focused on innovations in rural economic development based on new business models made possible by creatively using Internet technologies.  pop 
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  • Rural Futures : Educational Resources

  • "Windy" Things to Make - The site provides links to simple wind catching classroom projects such as making a pinwheel, anemometer, wind direction indicator, and wind vane. The material is suitable for the primary level.  pop 
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  • Renewable Energy Windmill Kits - The PicoTurbine site describes two educational kits: a windmill kit that teaches wind energy concepts to grade 5 students to adults and a PicoTurbine DC Experiments Kit that teaches electrical energy concepts to grade 9 students to adults.  pop 
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  • Amazing Solar Power, Windmill, and Renewable Energy Videos - The PicoTurbine site offers videos on wind energy such as, "Hugh Piggott's Windmill Workshop" that demonstrates techniques for building electricity producing windmills out of scrap parts and "Residential MicrohydroPower with Don Harris." The videos are appropriate for vocational students.  pop 
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  • Canada's Wind Energy Agenda - The site provides quick facts on Canada's wind energy potential. It is suitable for all school levels.  pop 
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  • Rural Futures : Energy

  • Iowa Energy Center - Renewable Energy - The Iowa Energy Center leads the state in providing accurate, usable information on wind, solar and biomass energy. The IEC has established some groundbreaking work in the renewable energy arena, including wind and solar resource maps for the entire state of Iowa, and the recent completion of the Biomass Energy CONversion (BECON) facility in Nevada.  pop 
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  • Rural Futures : Energy : Wind Power

  • Utility Wind Interest Group - The Utility Wind Interest Group (UWIG) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to accelerate the appropriate integration of wind power into the electric system through the coordinated efforts and actions of its members, in collaboration with wind industry stakeholders, including federal agencies, trade associations, and industry research organizations. Membership is open to utilities and other entities that have an interest in wind generation.  pop 
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  • A Landowner's Informal Guide to Negotiating for a Wind Farm - Commercial scale wind developments, or wind farms, have been around since the early 1980s. Montana has extensive wind resources. Wind developers are looking for suitable sites around the state. If you’re interested in offering your property as a site for a wind farm, you need to think about how you’ll make money from the project. If you’re serious, after reading this, hire a professional to help you negotiate with wind developers.  pop 
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  • Rural Futures : Government

  • A Tutorial on Technology Transfer in U.S. Colleges and Universities - This Tutorial has been compiled through the efforts of the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) to help the reader understand modern technology transfer practices of U.S. colleges and universities. Special thanks goes to the Technology Transfer and Research Ethics Committee and Ms. Karen Hersey.  pop 
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  • Rural Life

  • National Rural Health Services Research Database - Listings of rural health research projects in the United States. Operated by the Maine Rural Health Research Center  pop 
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  • Rural Life : Community Technology Centers

  • 33 Principles for Designing Learning Centers - The intent of this document is to provide a framework of educational design principles from which educators and design professionals can structure the content of their educational facility development process, from the earliest strategic and educational planning right through to design, construction, occupancy and facility management.  pop 
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  • ED/OVAE Community Technology Centers Home Page - The purpose of the Community Technology Centers program is to promote the development of model programs that demonstrate the educational effectiveness of technology in urban and rural areas and economically distressed communities. These Community Technology Centers would provide access to information technology and related learning services to children and adults.  pop 
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  • Rural Life : Real Stories Images

  • Originals by Ella Gardner - Farm Woman's Life, an Artist's Eye - Her eyes have squinted into the setting sun to stay on a row of hay and they've seen more calves born than she cares to count. Her hands have canned pickles, carried feed pails and piled wood. But Ella Gardner also has an artist's eye and a painter's hands--and a deep need to capture on canvas what she sees.  pop 
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