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Rural Futures Categories

Agriculture (103)
Trends, Events, and Ideas on ways the agricultural industry can leverage change in sustainable and fruitful ways.

Aquaculture (8)
Ponds, lakes, watersheds, water, fish, fishing -- we must protect them and use them wisely today so they will be available for our children's children tomorrow. These links focus on and sustainable use of our precious water resources.

Conservation (10)
Every decision we make today on how we use the wilderness, the land, and all our natural resources will determine how long our species can survive its ride on "spaceship Earth."

Economic Development (88)
Linkages between urban and rural areas are not as simple as they once were. Isolation doesn't just mean geographically speaking. Through technological means and by cooperation, rural places can overcome many of their obvious challenges. Links within this category explore ways to to just that.

Education (32)
Small town schools are often the best place for folks to meet and hold events; likewise, it is a logical place to often begin working toward systemic change by teaching the students and townspeople ways to collaborate, envision, and lead! Education is the path toward a better tomorrow.

Educational Resources (44)
Curriculum recommendations and guidelines, lesson plans, educational resource materials, programs, guides, sources, student project suggestions, etc. The focus here is on preparing the next generation to be knowledgeable decision-makers.

Emerging Technologies (21)
Research, inventions and innovations today that will impact daily life over the next 2, 5, 10, 20, 30...years

Energy (166)
Energy use over the next five decades will require us to seriously face issues that we have been avoiding over the past five decades. What we use to produce energy, how we use that energy and the consequences of its use are all critical issues. This section focuses on energy use innovations, programs and research aimed at sustainable energy issues, and anything else that touches on these areas.
Entrepreneurship (6)
Rural entrepreneurs may be the hope for rural community sustainability. Yet, urban models, old technology, and outmoded concepts are still be using to define rural entrepreneurship. This section focuses on what rural entrepreneurs need to thrive.

Government (6)
Decision making in a new era will require a new type of citizenry: here, you may explore ways in which rural places may be transformed through focusing on ways to get people involved.

Health (10)
Rural health involves different challenges and issues than its urban counterpart. Here you will find resources focused on rural health and medicine.

Housing (8)
Early people in every country built houses from available, renewable matierials. As we reach toward the future, and our populations increase, what kinds of housing will be most energy, resource and human efficient? What materials, designs, constructions will be most sustainable? These links explore the potential future in housing.

Institutes Studies (20)
There are a number of institutes and research organizations investigating rural futures. We can learn from each others successes and mistakes and find others who are trying to solve the same problems we are. Research, experiments, and innovations that are being tried and tested in one location may have relevance to the same problems elsewhere.

Sustainability (22)
A directory of information and services on how your community can adopt sustainable development as a strategy for well-being. Sustainable projects strengthen the local economy; improve and protect the quality of the environment; and enhance the quality of life and the well-being of all of the people in your community.

Transportation (10)
As we move from dependence on fossil fueled transportation, what will take its place? air cars? heli-pods? tele-transporters?

Women (2)
Women are taking on a larger, stronger role in economic development and futures-related issues all over the globe. The role of women in rual places is also changing. Take a look.

Rural Futures Links

  • ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas is the national sustainable farming information center operated by the private nonprofit National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA provides technical assistance to farmers, Extension agents, market gardeners, agricultural researchers, and other ag professionals in all 50 states.  pop 
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  • California Institute for Rural Studies - One of CIRS's major strengths is that it is the only "think tank" in the West with significant capacity in the area of rural community studies. Most of the rural research produced by CIRS in the past several years has been for organizational clients who enter into contracts for specific topics.  pop 
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  • Center for Agricultural and Rural Development - An early innovator of complex statistical and mathematical policy modeling systems, our mission now extends to multidisciplinary programs addressing contemporary policy issues. Operating within a land-grant institution, CARD embraces issue-driven research, outreach, and graduate teaching. CARD programs embody academic excellence and communication with policymakers, opinion leaders, farmers, business people, and agricultural commodity organization leaders.  pop 
    (Added: 3-Mar-2001 Hits: 354 Rating: 7.00 Votes: 1) Rate It
  • Center for Rural Studies - The Center for Rural Studies (CRS) is a nonprofit, fee-for-service research organization which addresses social, economic, and resource-based problems of rural people and communities. Based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Vermont (UVM), the Center provides consulting and research services in Vermont, the United States, and abroad.  pop 
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  • Congressional Rural Caucus, US House of Representatives - The Congressional Rural Caucus (CRC) is a bipartisan coalition of Members of Congress who are committed to helping agricultural and rural America build stronger, more prosperous futures for current and future generations of Americans living on the family farms and ranches and in rural communities.  pop 
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  • Montana Climate Center - Gateway to a vast array of information, including weather alerts, current satellite snapshots of Montana skies and instant links to weather conditions in communities across the state. Includes links to Montana DoT Web cameras that give up-to-date images of mountain-pass roads. Also links to Web pages like the National Weather Service, U.S. Geologic Survey, Montana Dept of Agriculture and Montana Natural Resource Information System.  pop 
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  • Center Rural Development NCRCRD - The mission of the NCRCRD is to initiate and facilitate rural development research and education programs to improve the social and economic well-being of rural people in the region. The NCRCRD also provides leadership in rural development regionally and nationally by identifying, developing and supporting programs on the vanguard of emerging issues.
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  • Communities of the Future - The Communities of the Future (COTF) is an evolving network of people and organizations throughout the U.S. and other countries that are working in collaboration to develop new concepts of governance, economic development, and education/learning for a fast-paced, interconnected, and increasingly complex society.
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  • Community Futures Development Corporations of Western Canada - The Community Futures program is an economic renewal initiative which is rooted firmly at the community level, and is focused on building local capacity as a means of assisting rural communities to deal with economic change and labour force adjustment.
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  • Earthaven - A community of visionary pioneers, we are committed to ecological living, fully democratic governance, diversity, tolerance, and educational service. We are shaping a culture of abundance that supports and integrates individual and community needs for wholeness and well being, transformative growth, lifelong learning, convivial relationships, environmentally friendly and liberating shelter and livelihood, wholesome food, creative expression, and an ever deepening connection to Earth and Cosmos.
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